The Criminal Code Of The Russian Federation

Adopted by the State Duma on May 24, 1996
Adopted by the Federation Council on June 5, 1996
Federal Law No. 64-FZ of June 13, 1996 on the Enforcement of the Criminal
Code of the Russian Federation

Part I
Section I
Chapter 1
The Tasks and Principles of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation
Chapter 2
The Operation of a Criminal Law in Time and Space
Section II
Chapter 3
The Concept of Crime and the Types of Crime
Chapter 4
Persons Subject to Criminal Responsibility
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Incomplete Offence
Chapter 7
Complicity in a Crime
Chapter 8
The Circumstances Excluding the Criminalitye of a Deed
Section III
Chapter 9
The Concept and the Purposes of Punishment. Types of Punishment
Chapter 10
Imposition of Punishment
Section IV
Chapter 11
Release from Criminal Responsibility
Chapter 12
Release from Punishment
Chapter 13
Amnesty. Pardon. Criminal Record
Section V
Chapter 14
Specifics of the Criminal Responsibility and Punishment of Juveniles
Section VI
Chapter 15
Compulsory Measures of a Medical Nature
Part II
Section VII
Chapter 16
Crimes Against Human Life and Health
Chapter 17
Crimes Against Freedom, Honour and Dignity of the Person
Chapter 18
Crimes Against Sexual Inviolability and Sexual Freedom of the Person
Chapter 19
Crimes Against the Constitutional Rights and Freedoms of Man and Citizen
Chapter 20
Crimes Against the Family Minors
Section VIII
Chapter 21
Crimes Against Property
Chapter 22
Crimes in the Sphere of Economic Activity
Chapter 23
Crimes Against the Interests of Service in Profit-making and OtherOrganizations
Section IX
Chapter 24
Crimes Against Public Security
Chapter 25
Crimes Against Human Health and Public Morality
Chapter 26
Ecological Crimes
Chapter 27
Crimes Against Traffic Safety and Operation of Transport Vehicles
Chapter 28
Crimes in the Sphere of Computer Information
Section X
Chapter 29
Crimes Against the Fundamentals of the Constitutional System and StateSecurity
Chapter 30
Crimes Against State Power and the Interests of the Civil Service and theService in Local Self-government Bodies
Chapter 31
Crimes Against the Administration of Justice
Chapter 32
Crime Against Administration Procedure
Section XI
Chapter 33
Crimes Against Military Service
Section XII
Chapter 34
Crimes Against Peace and Mankind's Security

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